Lessons at Slyfield Farm

"Practice makes perfect."  Or rather, "Perfect practice makes perfect."  Good instruction is essential to practicing perfectly, so our students are encouraged to ride and take as many lessons as they can.  We recommend four lessons and two practice sessions per week in order to progress and be competitive at the big shows.

Our lessons include much more than merely working over jumps.  You will learn good flat work with emphasis on properly putting your horse on the bit, lengthening and shortening strides at all gaits and keeping your horse straight and responsive to your aids.  You will have gymnastic lessons where you work on strengthening your position and your horse's jumping skills by jumping a series of jumps in a row set at one, two or three strides.  You will do course work where you will jump a course of jumps to help you learn proper pacing and striding and "finding your spot" for the jumps.  And when you are steady enough, you will work all these type lessons without stirrups to make certain that you have a strong seat and and independent seat and legs!

Whether you come to us as a beginner or a more advanced student, we will consistently go back to and work on the basics so that you and your horse will have success  in riding and in the show ring.

Oh, and you'll have tons of fun!  Promise!

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